Monthly newsletter - January 2019


All the best wishes for 2019! May you love youself and your life, and be happy and content.

I don't know how your year was, but mine was turbulent. There were some great ups, like the birth of The Doodling Dutchie, and some great downs, so all I am hoping for is a more peaceful year. Not quiet, or boring, mind you... just a bit more peace of mind would be nice. Less pressure, more fun! So if I would have any New year resolutions, that would be it. Have more random, pointless fun!

Do you have any resolutions for this new year?

In this newsletter you find an update of last month (and that was quite a lot of work, I can tell you), a sneak peek of what is to come in January and ofcourse there are some new monthly highlights.

So read on!



It took some time, but here we are! Besides the obvious layout and styling changes, it is now also possible to ship worldwide. And the provider also offers a lot more options to improve and expand, so more is to come!


A lot of new additions and I am really excited about them. Three lovely original pastel drawings were added. A whole different style, such a soft texture! And let's not forget that I am now offering prints too! So far there are four different prints available, but I plan to offer more. 


Four items were send on their way in December. Ofcourse there was the little bee from the Facebook giveaway, but also one of the Aras found a new place, at the home of a avid parrot lover. The heart and eye, my little old friends, were snapped up by someone in the US and the are currently on route!



A nice start of the new year I think. Better together. These paintings are not sold as a pair, I didn't even painted them as pairs. But they look so pretty together. And somethimes you just need a friend to complement you, right?


Linocut prints! Not the ones in the picture, those are just practices, but they did gave me some great ideas. You will see the mushroom print though, and I am working on more. Also upcoming are more small pixelated bugs and I am working on a couple of big ones, though I'm not sure when those will be finished. 

You can stay up to date on progress and in between try-outs and practices on Facebook and Instagram.